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       Our company, established by third generation
members of the family, which has been operating for
almost half century with the sales and installation of
electrical materials, operates in order to provide the
added value to the national economy as a result of
the experience gained in the local and international

       Our main line of business is to meet the
necessary infrastructure and superstructure needs of
stores, offices, bank branches, head office buildings,
industrial facilities, residences, multi-storey buildings,
business and shopping centers and all other qualified

       As main business, we are providing turnkey
contracting services in low voltage and medium
voltage facilities, as well as construction engineering
full fledged service documents, including drawings,
design, measurement & reporting, maintenance,
repair and consultancy.

       Buyukcelik Company's head office and
warehouse located in Kayseri where is trade city
since Anatolia civilization and offers easy-access to
every corner of Turkey and geographical advantage.
We are also servicing in Istanbul where one of the
greatest business center of the world.
We adopt to added value and to provide social
development for our country and our planet.


       Hope to be appreciated with our qualified and
satisfaction-focused approach..


Best regards,

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